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Language Trainings

Language Training


Basic, Elementary, intermediate, advanced and spoken/ written courses customized according to the need of the industry. 

Live Face-to-Face and Online language training for corporate and government clients. Customized, interactive, and guaranteed language training from an experienced professional trainer.

Culture and business dealing training


Enhance the potential of your staff in training bilingually or in multiple languages and business cultural trainings so to increase the efficiency of personal and to stretch your profits to higher levels through total customer satisfaction. 

Services for Finance Industry

Aiding financial institutions like Banks and insurance companies to achieve their potential by training their staff bilingually.

 Trainings like language coaching programs, Chinese Business Culture, Yuan (Chinese Currency) Training courses.

Accent Reduction


American /British Accent Training programs for call-center agents, medical professionals, and anyone ready to break the barriers to communication that a foreign language accent can create. Live Face-to-Face and Online programs.

English language courses include

Spoken Skills, written Skills, Public Speaking, communication skills, report writing, and presentation skills

Services for Educational Institutions and Universities

Pupil Training courses

Provide training to teach and impart skills in languages required to polish students to reach their true potentials in communication, public speaking and penmanship skills.

Mentor Training Courses


Understanding Teaching

These courses are designed to introduce contemporary skills and methods in teachers to improve their teaching methods and allow them be a better teacher and coach in the lecture room.


Understanding Language

These courses are designed for the teachers to improve their language skills and understanding including but not limited to Language, grammar, pronunciation, reading, and writing.

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