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Website Globalization

Going global, every region has its own culture and language. A website is interesting in foreign lands if the content is presented to the targeted customers in their own language. The design of a globalized website should not only specialized in terms of language but also culture customization is also essential. LingSkill not only create a customized localized web content but also aids to shine among others in a pool of competition.

Software Localization

Taking your software in global markets is a smart way to increase your profits. An interface in the client’s language requires linguistic, cultural and technical skills. Software localization require expert guidance and experience to make it fit for the targeted audience in any language. At LingSkill we require such expertise and make your software best presented in any desired language.


By converting your audio into text will allow you to make it reachable for everyone. It is a meeting recording, interview, physician report or some legal proceeding. Converting audio into letters in any language is a matter of expertise that we have. This technique is very useful in the field of market research. 

Transcription for Research and Interviews, Court Cases, Business, Medical, Legal, Government

Multilingual DTP:

Making you content available in foreign language needs expertise. This will enhance you image and professionalism. Our experts are specialized in making your publications great in any language.


In order to attract the right global audience for your service or product. your advertising campaign needs not only to be translated but also adapted into local culture. Adapting your marketing and advertising materials for international markets will help you build a global brand. IT requires expertise in the target market and the ability to convey message in a culturally appropriate manner to the target market. At LingSkill our experts take a keen look at cultural gaps, market stability and other issues.

Video Translation & Multilingual Captioning Services 

Video Subtitling Services for Marketing and Business

Video is a great way to communicate in selling your product/ services to the customers. Consumers have high response to videos than to audios or print media. With mobile devices and social media presence. It is much easier to communicate and share your idea even with your global business partners.

Subtitling is very effective in making your message understood to the audience. Social media has increased the reach towards people and the whole world has become global village. Now people get the information anytime and anywhere they wanted. People around the world have different mother languages and they feel more comfortable in their mother language. Subtitling is a gear way to reach your message to millions in the world.

Video Voice-Over and Dubbing Services

Video is a magnificent way to share your message with the world. At LingSkill we create video with a recorded voice and dubbing services which requires linguistic and performing talent. We make sure that international language audience understand what is being conveyed.

 We deal with governmental departments, life science studies, advertising, information communication technology.

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